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      • Author:  Pam Bell
        Posts: 1

      • Highland Cattle For Sale

        Highland Cow and bull calf $1,200 for the pair.  2nd calf heifer bred to calve this fall $900. Yearling heifer $700.  Call (207) 933-5622.  Leeds, ME  Ask for Nat.

      • Author:  FreetoBeeMe
        Posts: 1

      • Free Pollination for Space to Keep Bees

        Looking for anyone who has farmland in Southern Maine that needs/wants bees on their property.  Starting with two hives this spring.  Feel free to contact me directly if you have anyone in mind -

      • Author:  RobertHammond
        Posts: 1

      • Fresh Maine Cranberries

        'Tis the season for beautiful, FRESH MAINE CRANBERRIES! Available now at Lynch Hill Farms in Harrington, Maine. To order yours today, call the farm at 207.483.1227, stop in to our gift store at 1468 US Highway 1A in Harrington, or order them to be shipped right to your door via...

      • Author:  deb
        Posts: 1

      • Spring Hay Field Management

        I was not able to get lime on our hay fields this fall. Does any one know of a liming agent that can be spread in the spring?

      • Author:  DavidBright
        Posts: 2

      • Legislative Updates

        I have several more Legislative updates to add, which I guess for now I'll just add as new posts to that section. Eventually we'll need a links section where users can find their legislators, track bills, etc. Most of these links would go to the site.

      • Author:  pennyjordan
        Posts: 2

      • New Website Feedback

        I thought I'd use this feature (FORUM) to gather input on the New Website. It is your option if you use this or email ( ) - either way I am looking forward to hearing from you.

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